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Acoustic insulation solutions

Are sounds from your neighbours invading your privacy? Have the people living above installed a laminate floor that is starting to annoy you? With many of us living in such close proximity to each other it is often hard to find peace in your own home. If you are in South East London Morrissey’s Builders of Lee will be able to help you by installing acoustic insulation on your property.

Soundproofing against noisy neighbours

By inserting sound-reducing materials inside the existing walls, we can make a significant improvement to the way sounds travel in your property and reduce the noise pollution you are experiencing.

  • Reducing sounds through partition walls
  • Reducing impact sounds from upper floors
  • Use in new build
  • Improving sound insulation in older properties
  • Sound insulation in basement conversions

Contact the professionals at Morrissey’s Builders of Lee based in Lewisham to find out how we can soundproof your home.

We also provide acoustic plastering and DPC (damp proof course) plaster work with a guarantee of up to 30 years.